The Heavy Pen

The ink has been wandering in my heart pushing itself to come out through the pen and fall on the empty paper; fall on the paper and say what it had explored inside. The ink is dark, like a night without the moon;
Or the stars.
And It smells like smoke.
Or maybe ashes.
Yes, ashes.
And ashes don’t write. They only bleed.


Good Night Darling

I haven’t written any blog recently. Reason? I was trying to standardize my sleeping habits (I write at night). Which, of course, did not last for more than two days. So I went online and tried to search remedies and reasons to why can’t people sleep at normal time. The search results horrified me. They were all about how bad sleeping habits effect our health and immunity etc. I was just scared but not helped. So, to minimize my tension, I helped myself and penned down the reason to my delayed sleep. 1. Thinking Well, pretty obvious. This had to be the first reason. Just as I lay down, a storm of thoughts hits my mind. I think about about all the things I have to do tomorrow because I didn’t do them today or yesterday or the whole year. And on unfortunate events, when I have to wake up early next morning, I’ll spend 2 hours thinking about how do I stop thinking and go to sleep! 670px-Go-to-Sleep-when-You-Can't-Stop-Thinking-of-Things-You-Regret-Step-42. Blanket/Temperature If feet are covered in the blanket, it’s hot and if uncovered, it’s freezing. WHAT? THERE IS NO LEVEL OF SATISFACTION! But since I’m smart, I let my feet out for sometime than tuck them in. Brainy, right! 39c9b97686970d4efda644ad549bdc28 3. The Position We know how to sleep since we were born. Than why is it still so hard to decide the position we are most comfortable in? Do we just forget everyday what position did we last sleep in? Seriously? sleep-positions 4. Craving for Food Once I have finally stop thinking and set my position, I’m starving. And for the next hour I complaint on twitter, facebook or whatsap about how hungry I am and think about pizzas and pancakes. (Trust me, I’m on this stage right now. I’m starving. But of course, Lazy people never get out of the bed). giphy Which leads to.. .. buzz buzz. 5. Mobile Phone I put my mobile phone on silent to avoid using it, but the struggle…is hard. I start by think “just one article” and end up using it for next 2-4 hours and than finally sleep with my face on the screen. *Sigh*. funny-time-bed-comic-laptop-phone-pics-e1396303224941 Anyways, that’s all that keeps me from sleeping. But on a serious note, bad sleeping habits lead to very serious health problems. This issue needs to be addressed more often.


Starting from the day we were created, evident changes have occurred in us. We evaluated from a clot of blood to whole human body within nine months. A 51 Cm body transforms to 5 feet body in the blink of an eye. The way we think, words we speak, theory of life, everything is a result of continuous fluctuations existing in our lives.

Sometimes I think about how strangely delicate and beautiful human nature is. How a simple observation or an incident can alter the whole perception of oneself. A small dance in the rain or a long drive in summer days, the glory of the day or silence of the night, a lover’s look in the eye or betrayal of a friend…everything…everything makes a difference.

We live among a cluster of people, even if we don’t talk to all of them, there is still something in common, something that keeps us connected. After realizing the connection, I also realized that it’s not just our personal situations that effect us, It’s others as-well. our fragile heart can so easily be refashioned, only by a trauma our eyes witness or a sensational conversation we hear. All of it leaves a mark deep down in our hearts or goes back into subconscious, but always remains there, always.

The combination of all the observations and neglects, inspirations and depressions, experiences and ignorance, makes our next step, next step we take towards our destination. our destination…? It’s today, It’s this moment we are living. We have come across a long way, each leaving behind a unique history, a unique story that might not be heard by many or never be written in books, but has been experienced once. These unending variations will continue to help us in continuing our JOURNEY…a journey to the person we are to today.

I dedicate this blog to everyone who feels life is rough. Let the poetry of everything touch you. Let it leave a mark on you. Let it enhance the beauty in you.

This is my first blog ever. Feel free to comment below your feedback and reviews.

I hope you all like it..