I want to travel. Not only to different places in the world, but beyond. In the galaxies. Into the dark place where silence reigns. To a place where stars glint like glitter on the floor. Where earth is overruled by it’s Nothingness.
I want to go out in the black. And feel the insignificance of our existance. From up there, where everything is tiny. Unimportant.


So whose the prettiest afterall?

Mirrors are so strange. One reflection, and there we go, a rush to excellency. It makes us measure every inch of our bodies through the scale of perfection. From painfull plastic surgeries and hair transplants to our social anxieties and depressions, just to appear beautiful. Nobody wants to be judged but we brtualy judge ourselves. We magnify our own flaws to ourselves. Some pimples on our cheeks or a few calories can steal away our confidence. The worst thing is, it drags our attention to what’s not so important. Something that does not define us. We are defined by our personlity and intellect. We are defined by the sweetness of our tounges and bitterness of our words. We conceal our skins but forget to improve as a person everyday.
Mirrors are so strange. They eliminate the meaning of our existance.

Soul of the Nation

They build not only the buildings but the nation. Schools we study in, factories and industries we are employed in, houses we live in.
They have build us as well as thier own children, their own families.
They build the nation.

The Oceans

I prefer ocean over earth.
Who talk to me without saying a word.
Who shine on the surface But have shades of grey under their skins.
Who hide treasures
And turn tears into pearls.
Unpredictable and bold,
Flexible and sensitive.
Who are not afraid to take in filth of the world with their tides;
Who have been surfed over.
Who have secrets buried below the ground,
Yet reflect sun in their smiles.
Who don’t belong to anybody,
And nobody belongs to them.
I crave such people.
People who, despite of having their unsettled waves,
Have peace and harmony inside them.

Lust for Geniune.


People often confuse our admiration for purity with lust of perfection.
We all crave love that cannot be translated into words, a friendship which see no benefits, Relationships that do not decieve, Hearts that only know the truth. Absolute smiles; Pure and authentic. Of that which comes right from the heart, through the soul and into the eyes.
But it hurts, it hurts when people surmise that we seek perfection, but then it comforts me too, purity IS perfection afterall.


Nothing has ever been perfect nor will it ever be, but we can always quest for veracity. It exists.


Starting from the day we were created, evident changes have occurred in us. We evaluated from a clot of blood to whole human body within nine months. A 51 Cm body transforms to 5 feet body in the blink of an eye. The way we think, words we speak, theory of life, everything is a result of continuous fluctuations existing in our lives.

Sometimes I think about how strangely delicate and beautiful human nature is. How a simple observation or an incident can alter the whole perception of oneself. A small dance in the rain or a long drive in summer days, the glory of the day or silence of the night, a lover’s look in the eye or betrayal of a friend…everything…everything makes a difference.

We live among a cluster of people, even if we don’t talk to all of them, there is still something in common, something that keeps us connected. After realizing the connection, I also realized that it’s not just our personal situations that effect us, It’s others as-well. our fragile heart can so easily be refashioned, only by a trauma our eyes witness or a sensational conversation we hear. All of it leaves a mark deep down in our hearts or goes back into subconscious, but always remains there, always.

The combination of all the observations and neglects, inspirations and depressions, experiences and ignorance, makes our next step, next step we take towards our destination. our destination…? It’s today, It’s this moment we are living. We have come across a long way, each leaving behind a unique history, a unique story that might not be heard by many or never be written in books, but has been experienced once. These unending variations will continue to help us in continuing our JOURNEY…a journey to the person we are to today.

I dedicate this blog to everyone who feels life is rough. Let the poetry of everything touch you. Let it leave a mark on you. Let it enhance the beauty in you.

This is my first blog ever. Feel free to comment below your feedback and reviews.

I hope you all like it..