Drunken City Dancing

When the lights start dancing and the city smells like wine, know that the air around me is missing you.


Song of the night

Tonight, don’t talk to the night.
Just listen to it.
Let her reveal herself to you,
Shade by shade,
Layer by layer
And she’ll sing to you; song of a man sleeping on the street.

Recite the poem of a lover waiting on the train station.

She’ll mourn about the mother who lost her child to cancer.
She’ll chant songs of the occeans and the grass.
She’ll dance to the music played by the mountains and the soil.
Then she’ll tire in your arms and sleep to the morning.
Tonight, don’t talk to the night.
Just follow her
And she’ll take you to the place where you lost yourself.


I want to travel. Not only to different places in the world, but beyond. In the galaxies. Into the dark place where silence reigns. To a place where stars glint like glitter on the floor. Where earth is overruled by it’s Nothingness.
I want to go out in the black. And feel the insignificance of our existance. From up there, where everything is tiny. Unimportant.

Beauty of Age.

I wonder why people always complain about growing up. Growing up is so beautiful. It gives us wisdom, and knowledge, and experience.
I want to grow.
Meet new people.
Listen to the music.
Understand poetry;
Sure a child can party and sleep whenever he wants. But I want to wake up, and travel, inhale different sunrises and absorb different stories.
I want to feel love; and heartaches. I want to see people leave in the hardest of my times. I want to see my wrinkles take over my beauty. I want to see my hair grow grey and then white.
I want to grow up; and witness life happening.

Soul of the Nation

They build not only the buildings but the nation. Schools we study in, factories and industries we are employed in, houses we live in.
They have build us as well as thier own children, their own families.
They build the nation.