Night time wonderings

What happens to their dreams when people die?
Do they get burried too?
Or like seeds; they grow?
What happens to the tears people cry?
Do they dry like auntumn leaves?
Or like rivers and streams they always flow?
What happens to the stars in people’s eyes?
Do they ever return with the night?
Or under the sunlight they always hide?
I wonder, I wonder what happens to the dreams when people die!


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11 thoughts on “Night time wonderings”

      1. I got a boyfriend then we broke up, now I got close to one of my friends everyone is accusing us of flirting and liking eachother.
        I have also got 62 followers!!
        How are things going with you?


      2. Oh. So sorry fot the break up. You’ll find someone worth it πŸ™‚

        Nothing much. Taking classes. Just normal routine

        Congrats on your followers…many more to come πŸ˜€


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