I want to travel. Not only to different places in the world, but beyond. In the galaxies. Into the dark place where silence reigns. To a place where stars glint like glitter on the floor. Where earth is overruled by it’s Nothingness.
I want to go out in the black. And feel the insignificance of our existance. From up there, where everything is tiny. Unimportant.


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8 thoughts on “Insignificance”

  1. Away in the galaxy far from home
    The darkness of the stars is where I roam
    Away in the galaxy far from me
    Alone in outer space where I can finally breathe
    *strums guitar*
    Oh wait, no sound waves… ah great I just killed the mood.
    *guitar floats out of hands*
    AH! Come back! It’s a rental!
    *flails arms wildly*

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  2. I think the same way. To view our lives and its minor worries and cares compared to whats beyond our atmosphere. You may like my first book, The Pandemonium Chronicles. Check out my blog: πŸ™‚


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