Friendship test!

Exams not only test your knowledge but also your friends.
During exam, some friends will help you and others won’t.
Some would fear getting caught and some won’t want to waste their time.
Some would want the highest score in the class and others simply don’t want to be yelled at.
But a true friend will risk it all. Only this friend will back you up in real hard times. They risked it once, they will risk it always.
After exams, atleast I know how much to expect from whom.


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6 thoughts on “Friendship test!”

    1. It’s not just one sided you see. You don’t only others. You test yourself as well. You will know when both, you and your friend, will be in problem or tension, who will you help first. And who will help you first.

      Friendship is never one sided. How can this test be πŸ™‚

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